Stablished in 2009, Websnap is a Full Service Communication Agency, specialized in Digital Marketing

Our objective is to understand and to attend the communication necessities of small, medium and big companies, regardless the department, from all Brazil.

Our mission

Agility at the service delivery focusing on planning and managing, with etic, communication projects, pursuing a bigger competitive advantage and optimizing our client`s potential profitability, always preserving long-lasting partnership and professional transparency.

Our vision

To have a worldwide recognition as a excellency brazilian communication company.

Our values

Relationship, suiting, focus, commitment.

Rodrigo Caminitti

Planning Director

“I value the moment, the empowerment of people and the culture of sharing knowledge, thereby achieving the best performance for all stakeholders involved.”


Obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from IMES and an MBA in Strategic Services Management from FGV. Founded WebSnap in 2009. A pioneer in the Brazilian market, WebSnap is the first agency to offer Social Media strategy to its clients.

In addition to planning, Rodrigo is also responsible for managing the administrative aspects of the agency.

Fernanda Merlo

Press and New Media Director

“My job is to make your work prosper. Communication is the oxygen that sustains the business, bringing people closer to products and brands, resulting in consumption and new life experiences.”


Journalist with 15 years of experience in the field, consolidated her career as a consultant in corporate communications. Served large accounts, such as Caterpillar, USP, Braskem, MAN Trucks, Novo Século Editora publishing house, among others. Coordinated a team of professionals responsible for marketing, internal communications, events, design and content for more than ten years.

At WebSnap leads the Press Relations and New Media units, the latter includes different business models for brand exposure, such as relationships with Digital Key Opinion Leaders, partnerships and co-branding.

Cássio Allan

Creative Director

“Doing work for large customers is something that requires a lot of discipline, focus, dedication, technique and experience. Developing deep and complex projects motivates me and generates the results that the customer needs and values.”


With over 13 years of experience dedicated to graphic design, has experience in creative projects for large multinational companies including Akzo Nobel, General Motors, Husqvarna, Goodyear, MAN Trucks, Johnson Controls and Panasonic.

Taught editorial production at SENAC’s University of Communication and Arts, where he was a Professor for five years.

Jéssica Caminitti

Project Director

“My professional background is complemented by my sensitivity and creativity developed in experience in visual arts and dance. My motto is to live in a just and positive manner and cultivate good relationships with others.”


Is the Communications executive since 2012 when she joined WebSnap.

Leads and serves some of Agency’s key accounts. Possesses postgraduate studies in Organizational Communications and Public Relations from Casper Libero.

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